Dangers of low water

August 31, 2022

RCU Rules of Conduct


1. Areas are uncovered in the shore area on which residues from the Second World War could be found - grenades, bombs, etc. For this reason, special caution is required in these areas. If there is any suspicion, please inform the local authorities immediately. It's best to contact the explosive ordnance clearance service immediately. Police and/or fire brigade - that's fine too.


2. Since the water has retreated, the bank area has moved closer to the fairway. Since the flow speed in the fairway is particularly high, it is very dangerous to go into the water there. Even more dangerous than usual. Please leave the waste disposal in the water to the specialists - DLRG, water sports clubs and diving clubs.


3. As there is less water, the habitat for fish has decreased. This and the increased water temperatures could occasionally lead to a fish kill. (In isolated cases: not to be compared with the catastrophe on the Oder!). Please report cadaver finds to local environmental authorities.